Our Mission

Family Time Australia will innovate and lead in developing and delivering children’s programs and therapy across Australia that will enable children in need to achieve their life’s purpose.

Our Vision:

Family Time Australia will eliminate fragmentation of therapeutic services.  This will ensure best outcomes for children with developmental or learning delays through the provision of cost effective transdisciplinary solutions by specialised, highly trained teams for families and their children.

Our Values:

  • Teamwork
  • Enjoyment (Fun)
  • Effective communication
  • Openness
  • Integrity
  • Compassion

A Short Overview

Family Time Australia has quality and experienced staff who work together to help children live their purpose.

Employing highly specialised and qualified therapists from several disciplines allows Family Time Australia to provide holistic treatment and intervention. Family Time Australia’s unique training and education for therapists, ensures that therapists are able to work in a transdisciplinary setting, which is researched and determined as Best Practice.

Transdisciplinary Practice is known and respected by the majority of Therapists and Allied Health Practitioners. However to be able to train, fully understand and practically implement this model takes a lot of work and specialized leadership, whilst few professionals have the time or desire to attain this level of expertise.

We specialise in working together with families to determine a holistic treatment plan and approach which will enhance children’s development to be the best they can be.

Family Time Australia works with all children 0 -15 years, including children with a high IQ, typically developing, autism spectrum disorder, learning difficulties and more.

We provide therapy intervention and quality transdisciplinary group programs, which are designed to enhance children’s development in all areas. There are a variety of programs to ensure we are capturing the vast majority of children’s interests.